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Postoperative care and types of post-surgical girdles stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3

Postoperative care and types of post-surgical girdles stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3

 How many massages are required after plastic surgery?

From 10 to 15 massages to remove all the retained liquid, helping inflammation and avoiding fibrosis.

 Why is it important to wear a girdle after surgery?

To help reduce inflammation, avoid fibrosis, shape the body more, and help in healing.

The first 30 days use the first stage girdle, which is a softer fabric girdle but it helps to mold more, helps with healing and inflammation.

Then stage 2 is used, which helps to further shape the body due to its high compression.

What type of girdle is used after maintenance reducing massages or if surgery has never been performed?

A stage 2 or stage 3 maximum compression can be used to maintain a slim silhouette by wearing it every day and reducing measurements over time.

 Types of post-surgical girdles and their importance:

 STAGE 1 GIRDLE: This girdle helps prevent fibrosis, avoids fluid retention, helps the skin stick together and there is not so much flaccidity. and helps the liquid to come out and not be retained and not fibrosis. It is a softer fabric to the touch with the skin at the beginning of the surgery. It is used between 10 to 30 days after surgery.

STAGE 2 GIRDLE: It has more compression and helps to shape the body more by wearing it all day and at night a stage 1 girdle can be used to continue shaping and healing after surgery. The size of the girdle should be reduced after surgery to further shape the body. It is used after 30 days after surgery.

You can continue to wear this girdle all your life or switch to a girdle with maximum compression such as stage 3.

STAGE 3 GIRDLE: These are the girdles with the highest compression and reduction of measurements with constant use. When you already have experience wearing a girdle and need more compression.

 There are also post-surgical accessories for different surgeries such as mammoplasty, bichectomy, arm surgery.

If you want more advice to use the right girdle after surgery you can contact us at www.perfectsilhouette27.com

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